Big Aussie Barbie

Terms and Conditions

Big Aussie Barbie (the ‘Event’) is an initiative of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (“PCFA”)  to raise funds to support men and their families impacted by prostate cancer.

The Event is active all year round. 

By registering for the Event, the participant or the parent/guardian of a participant under 18 years, acknowledges and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


  1. The decision to participate in the Event is entirely your own and you take full responsibility for any consequence of your participation in the Event for yourself and/or your participants.
  2. Any content you post to the website (e.g. photos and text) is your responsibility, and you must have the necessary rights to post that content (including the consent of others who feature in the content). PCFA retains the right to delete any content posted.
  3. You acknowledge that PCFA reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the Event at any time.

Fundraising for PCFA:

  1. ‘Fundraiser/s’ means the third party individual/group/organisation hosting fundraising events or activities to raise proceeds for PCFA. The Fundraiser is a third party and is not an agent of PCFA and does not receive payment for fundraising for PCFA. The Fundraiser does not represent PCFA nor speak or act on PCFA’s behalf.
  2. The Fundraiser’s activities are external to PCFA and therefore not official PCFA activities. The Fundraiser takes sole responsibility and liability for the planning, promotion and management of events and activities. PCFA may provide guidance and support if suitable.
  3. The Fundraiser’s activities must align with PCFA’s purpose and organisational values, and should not promote unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  4. PCFA will not endorse high risk fundraising events or activities including, but not limited to, extreme sports, use of firearms or fireworks, or any event which may detract from the principle of an inclusive society. PCFA is unable to provide public liability insurance cover to third party fundraising events.


  1. You acknowledge that by registering for the Event, you pledge to raise funds for PCFA to support men and their families impacted by prostate cancer.
  2. All fundraising conducted for this Event comes under PCFA’s authority to fundraise in the respective State or Territory in Australia and you agree to be bound by the relevant state and national fundraising legislation and abide by PCFA’s general Community Fundraising Guidelines.
  3. PCFA can refund a donation made in error. If you wish to request a refund, please contact PCFA via bigaussiebarbie@pcfa.org.au

Healthy Lifestyle Choices: 

  1. PCFA encourages all Fundraisers to promote health lifestyle choices. Tips for a healthy lifestyle include maintaining a healthy weight and following recommended guidelines for food and drink consumption. Speak to your doctor about tips to improve your health. For more information, click here.


  1. PCFA respects and is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information it collects.
  2. PCFA will collect your personal information and any other information you may volunteer (such as your experience or involvement with prostate cancer) so that we can: administer and conduct the Event including sending you prizes, if you
    are eligible and win (see Prizes); and keep you informed about PCFA, its fundraising activities and the important work you are supporting.
  3. PCFA may use your image, name and challenge result in any promotion relating to this Event, including in the Leaderboards and/or on the Event website.
  4. More information about the management of personal information, including storage and use, access and correction, and removal is included in our Privacy Policy.

Promotions and prizes:.

  1. You must be registered to Big Aussie Barbie to be eligible for any prizes or promotions.
  2. New registrants who sign up between 12:01am 27 December 2021 and 11:59pm 25 January 2022 and make or receive a donation of $25 or more during that period receive a free PCFA-Team t-shirt.
  3. T-shirts will be shipped by standard post, which may be subject to delays. PCFA cannot provide a warranty of shipping. PCFA does not warranty that the quality of the product will meet your expectations, or that any fault in the product will be exchangeable.
  4. Click here to see the standard size range available to choose from. Sizes are available while stocks last and PCFA cannot provide a guarantee of the availability of all sizes.
  5. T-shirts cannot be exchanged.
  6. The t-shirts are a free incentive with donations of $25 or more. Donations linked to uptake of this incentive are not a payment in exchange for goods and are therefore non-refundable.

Authority to Fundraise

Agreement to these terms and conditions gives the registered Big Aussie Barbie participant authority to fundraise in support of the work of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

Event: Big Aussie Barbie

Prostate cancer threatens the lives of 1 in 6 Aussie men.

By hosting a Big Aussie Barbie, you are raising funds for research, nursing and support to save the life of a man you love.Thank you again for making a difference.