It isn’t always easy to talk about prostate cancer, or the pain it causes men and their families. Host a Big Aussie Barbie and savour conversations that can save a life.


1 IN 5

men are likely to be diagnosed by age 85.


men die from prostate cancer each year.


more are expected to be given a diagnosis
over the same period.

We’re Australia’s leading community-based organisation for prostate cancer research, awareness, and support. Our vision is a future where no man dies of prostate cancer, and Australian men and their families get the support they need – including yours.

A message from our Chief of Mission and Head of Research

“Supporting research is critical. We're never going to make advances against prostate cancer unless we understand the basic science of what is happening and why it behaves the way it does. It’s really important to promote research into men's cancers – they receive less attention and visibility compared to many other cancers out there.”

- Professor Lisa Butler, PCFA Funded Prostate Cancer Researcher


We are Australia’s leading charity fund for prostate cancer research.


We protect the health of existing and future generations of men in Australia.


We improve quality of life for Australian men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“Ultimately, our goal is not just to beat prostate cancer, but to use your donations to ensure Aussie men and families get the support they need right now.”

- Professor Jeff Dunn AO, Chief of Mission and Head of Research, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

“Our Big Aussie Barbies have a fun community spirit about them. They’re important to raise prostate cancer awareness - not only with hospital staff and patients, but with visitors too.”

- Judy, Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse, Rockhampton Hospital