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I’m hosting a Big Aussie Barbie!

Prostate cancer threatens the lives of 1 in 6 Aussie men. 

That’s why I’m hosting a Big Aussie Barbie this November to raise money for research, nursing and support that can save the life of a man I love.

I’ll be firing up the barbie to support Aussie men and families impacted by prostate cancer. 

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

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Thank you

Saturday 28th Nov
Thank you so much to all those kind people who donated & spread the message to get tested for Prostrate Cancer. It has been an amazing experience supporting the cause and organization. Sincerely hope the research can help the beautiful men of the future, all our boys 💙

Thank you for sharing the message

Thursday 19th Nov
Some of you might be reading this as one of our family or friends has shared my fb post. Sorry I’m a beginner and didn’t allow my fb page to be shared publicly which means the story of why we are supporting the cause may have been missed. 

In a nutshell I really want to encourage Men to see their GP for a check up and PSA blood test. This simple process saved my husband Pete’s life... as with no symptoms & further tests he was found to have an aggressive growing prostrate cancer which was not present 12 months earlier. 

Lucky for us with awesome support from medical, family & friends & incredible robotic surgery 6 weeks ago Pete is cancer free. 

I’m not going to lie none of the above process was easy and there are side effects to contend with, but this blog could have had a very different ending. Don’t let someone you love miss the opportunity for early diagnosis & much less intensive treatment. 

The Prostrate Cancer Foundation website has the most comprehensive information as I trawled the web trying to cope with the diagnosis. So I guess this fundraiser is my way of supporting my husband & saying thanks to them for providing the knowledge we needed to survive the journey thus far. 

To those of you who have donated already I’m just so very grateful for your generosity in a time when so many are struggling. To the many more who have read and promoted the message thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💗

I’ve never Bloged

Sunday 15th Nov
I have never written a blog but hopefully someone will read this a think yep I need to get a PSA blood test it just might save my life!! My husband did & without it this might have been a different blog. The test saved his life 🎉 so do it it’s easy just talk to a GP. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gina O'hearn


Annette Pulbrook

Thank you for sharing and promoting the importance of PSA testing - so glad Pete has won his battle!


Wendy Rolls


Cam Creigh

Such an incredible initiative Kim and one that’s obviously close to all of us!


Neville Clark

Glad to help, Kimmy!


Betty Creigh


Michael Hughes


Kim Creigh


Judy Farley




Mary-jane Bottom

Pete & Kimmy your strength & positive attitude through all this was truly inspiring & now you are sharing the love. & good vibes so that others may have the good news story & good health like Pete . Always thinking if others - thank you 🙏❤️😘


Anna Townsend

Much love to you and Pete! Onwards and upwards my friends 💖💖


Louise Bennett

Thanks for sharing this initiative to fight prostate cancer.


Helen Creigh

Thank You Kim for sharing this opportunity.


Mick Townsend

Happy to support.


Angela Carruthers

A wonderful initiative Kim. Well done!


Arlene And Wayne Field

We love you both more than you know. We are so grateful Pete had the test and is here today to tell us about it! You are both beyond amazing xxx


Marty Creigh

Great cause!



So proud of you for raising awareness! What an incredible cause! All for our Petey Po Po


Brendon Hawkins


Bernie N Scotty Beattie

Sizzling a sausage for Pete this weekend! Thankyou Kimmy for being Petey's wife ! The Beatties@Blackrocks xxx


Bermard Hughes

Great cause Kim & Pete - happy to support.




Lisa Lindsay


Janine K

You are both so inspirational in how you have battled through so much sh@# that life has thrown at you! xo


Helen Hising


Anne Green




Mindy Jenkins

We are always with you every step of the way. Early testing is the only way forward ❤️ We love you Pete, beyond words for this testing

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