Karen Pedurand

Savour Life. Save a Life.

I’m hosting a Big Aussie Barbie!

Prostate cancer threatens the lives of 1 in 6 Aussie men. 

That’s why I’m hosting a Big Aussie Barbie this November to raise money for research, nursing and support that can save the life of a man I love.

I’ll be firing up the barbie to support Aussie men and families impacted by prostate cancer. 

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

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My Updates

Day 12

Friday 27th Nov
1500m at Kokoda pool today. This is 4.5km so far this week. Can I squeeze more in the week end?

Day 11

Thursday 26th Nov
Actually it was yesterday ! Swam 2km at Kokoda pool. Made a new friend that I was following , good to get challenged !

Day 10

Tuesday 24th Nov
Squeezed 1000m in 24minutes before scooting if to work ! Tight schedule but DONE!

Day 9

Sunday 22nd Nov
2000m today and that wraps up this week.. Only swam twice for a total of 4125m. I have to try to go 3 times next week...

Day 8

Wednesday 18th Nov
2125 m according my watch! + or - 25m as I swam by 50m...🤔 Felt really good ! Am I getting fit?

Day 7

Sunday 15th Nov
Happy Sunday ! 2000m today that brings this week to 5300m. I will try to do better next week but every meter counts! Exciting today I got to swim with my monofin the first time in many years! I swam 800m with it.

Day 7

Sunday 15th Nov

Day 6

Wednesday 11th Nov
Managed to squeeze in 1500m at Kokoda Memorial Pool between drop off and pick up of kids.

Day 5

Tuesday 10th Nov
1800m this morning. Good way if starting the day. I am too acclimated  to townsville. After the rain I found the water slightly cold! 😂 I can’t believe I thought that !

Week 1 done

Monday 9th Nov
6700m swam this week. It is a good start. 
I know more women that have/had breast cancer than men that have/had prostate cancer, but I know more men that have past away from prostate cancer than women from breast cancer. Awareness and testing are important.

Day 4

Friday 6th Nov
1700m today! Brought my fins in other toys to train along with me. Finished with interval training! Sooo good .

Day 3

Tuesday 3rd Nov
3rd of November 

Late start this morning. Sent the kids off to school and squeezed 1500m before going to work.
5km in total from the 1st of November.

Day 2

Monday 2nd Nov
Monday! Slept in a bit after a busy week end. Did not hit the pool at 6am as planned, but at 6.30. 30’ swim and back to mum duty.

Day 1

Sunday 1st Nov
Left home with my bike for the pool this morning. Swam 2250m according to my watch but I was going by 100 m in a 50m pool.... so I think 2300 as it skipped a turn . Can t trust technology....

Getting ready

Saturday 31st Oct
Hi all, this is a good way to raise awareness for prostate cancer. My aim is to swim few km every week. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


John Llewelyn

Nice work Karen! It's a worthy cause, and something I can especially appreciate given what my Dad is going through.


Greg Dean

Go Karen!


Danielle Hardy

Un problème qui nous touche tous.



🎈🎉 super proud of you, Karen! Vraiment fière de toi!🎉🎈


Karen Pedurand


Guillaume Renaudin

Nice start keep it up!


Debie Djembe



Thanks for all your efforts

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