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Thank you for helping us change the lives of Australian men, their partners and families who have been affected by prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer isn’t one of the most talked about cancers in Australia. Yet no other cancer affects more Australian men and yet in far too many cases, men live with long-lasting impacts on physical and mental well-being and often fail to seek or find help or support. And very sadly, every day a permanent hole is left in nine Australian families when they lose a man they love to this insidious disease.

We believe our men deserve better. They need answers and better treatment outcomes. That’s why Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia are committed to reducing the burden of prostate cancer for all Australians.

The future for men with prostate cancer could look very different.

Imagine living in a world where prostate cancer is no longer a killer, where side effects are minimal and where men are well informed and supported.

We believe this world is possible.

We hope you do too, because with your help we will get there sooner.

You are helping men like Brendan

Former AFL player Brendan Barrows (pictured above with his daughter) had no idea he had prostate cancer. He felt fit, healthy and strong, then out of the blue, without a single warning sign or symptom, he received the diagnosis that shocked him. “Hearing the doctor say that I had prostate cancer was devastating. I had a silent killer inside me that I had no idea about,” says Brendan.

Like most men Brendan felt cheated. “At first I was angry. I couldn’t stop thinking ‘why hadn’t this been found earlier?” he admits. I have a wonderful wife and two young kids I wanted to take care of – I wanted to see my son play footie as a young man and watch my daughter get married. The cancer made all of that seem impossible.”

Thankfully Brendan was lucky. His cancer hadn’t spread outside his prostate and luckily his Urologist was able to successfully remove all seven of his tumours, and his side effects were minimal.

Big Aussie Barbie is a great way to get people together, whether with friends, family or colleagues to raise vital funds for life-saving research and providing vital support to the many men affected by prostate cancer, like Brendan.

Fire up the barbie with your mates and join us in our pursuit of a healthier and happier future for all Australian men.

Steve Callister

National Chairman
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia